4 Ways to Test Your APIs End to End

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If Everything Was Perfect

The Current State of API Testing Tools

  • Self-contained — can we run this tool as a standalone tool, regardless of our programming language or of the test subject tech stack? With the idea of using one definition with one kind of tool through product lifecycle, from development to production.
  • Integration tests — can we use it to build plain integration tests? Ideally, to promote reuse, we should use the same tool for white-box integration tests while doing high-level black-box multi request flows.
  • Test definition as configuration — can someone that is not skilled in the test subject tech stack add new tests? is it easy? is it quick?
  • Variable passing — multi request flows is about sharing context. This means a test framework supports passing step results from one onto the other.
  • Set up and tear down — does it support doing database set up before running the tests? tear down? is it generic in the sense that we can run anything before a test?
  • Contract validation — does it validate the contract against a schema?
  • Content validation — does it validate content?



Newman (and Postman)


Honorable mention: Record/Replay Testing




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