Build Your Own ICO in 5 Minutes

$ yarn global add hygen
$ git clone; cd 5-min-ico
$ yarn build
$ yarn deploy

Using a Testnet

$ brew tap paritytech/paritytech && brew install parity
$ parity ui --chain kovan
$ yarn deploy
Error: The contract code couldn't be stored, please check your gas amount.
$ parity ui --chain ropsten
Deploying CooliumCrowdsale...
... 0x685c094ac05f2f3fc35754cae56cba54b0c1b7f4be1f7765b9dfb936bec632bf
CooliumCrowdsale: 0x4e72770760c011647d4873f60a3cf6cdea896cd8
Saving successful migration to network...
... 0x2613896914f5d1eeaed6be42e3e0466d891206e27c197a7bac0078225f4d693a
CooliumToken: 0xcee94e5d4c424e229af969aa1c1fd0e1a9de9adb
  • Remember this is all on the testnet so configure your client to it (you can use Metamask to send to Kovan/etc.)
  • Make sure the ICO started (remember the start time you set?).
  • Make sure people send ETH to the Crowdsale address.
  • For production ICO, you need to repeat this process with the Ethereum blockchain, which means you’ll need real ETH funds, etc. (out of scope).

Recommended Tools and Libraries

  • Install the solidity vscode extension for linting, errors and general IDE assists.
  • We use truffle as an Ethereum development framework. At the time of writing there’s very little reason to look elsewhere (and there are a few alternatives).
  • We use Zeppelin which is quickly becoming an industry standard for writing secure Solidity contracts and it also has blueprints for common tasks. In fact all of the complexity of our contracts (and all of the credit) goes there.
  • Use Metamask to interact with your crowd sale. It’ll be nicer overall.
  • We use Hygen to automate the entire coding process.
  • We use Parity to work against an Ethereum blockchain.
  • We use Ganache for faster workflow and testing when deploying.





@jondot | Founder & CEO @ Spectral. Rust + FP + Hacking + Cracking + OSS. Previously CTO @ HiredScore, Como, Conduit.

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Dotan Nahum

Dotan Nahum

@jondot | Founder & CEO @ Spectral. Rust + FP + Hacking + Cracking + OSS. Previously CTO @ HiredScore, Como, Conduit.

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